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Bought one for myself and one for mom.Very happy with the product.Not sure if it’s comfortable for travel,as it’s a bit big,but great for storage .I hang mine on the wall.Very comfortable and cute.You can put some other stuff in there as well, like some jewelry, hair ties or clips, watches.Wish they come in better variety of colors... Tatiana Freedland

Travel Sunglasses Organizer
  • Save Your Space

  • Careful Protection

  • Display Your Collection Whether At Home Or On The Go.

  • Free Sipping WorldWide


1,000 five-star reviews in 3 weeks



The glasses organizer is easy to carry. It can be rolled up and also has a handle, which can be hang in bike, backpack, etc. It is suitable to carry sports glasses, swimming goggles, sunglasses and prescription glasses, reading glasses into a storage bag.

Save Your Space

Multiple-slot design, you can store multiple pairs different glasses or sunglasses at the same time,

so you can easy to replace it. When you travel, roll up it and storing it in a suitcase or in a specific part of the car.

When not in use, you can also store it in drawers.


Not only store your sunglasses, but other small items

Sturdy and Durable

In order to enhance the service life of this sunglasses box, we use high quality PU leather with good wear resistance. Its surface is smooth and compact, with delicate lines, and because of the addition of ultra-fine fibers, it can withstand multiple folds and is not easy to produce creases.

Safe Organizer

The copper snap closure is firm and safe, which can prevent the glasses from falling when the glasses box is opened accidentally when the handheld goes out. Compared with the way of magnet adsorption closure, although the use is not so convenient, but the safety is better.

Careful Protection

The interior uses short flannel, which won't pill and fade easily. It can gives your glasses better protection.

The glasses organizer is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be rolled up that fits neatly into suitcases, purses, totes, and backpacks. It also has a handle, which can be hung in the bike, backpack, etc.

Travel Sunglasses Organizer
  • Save Your Space

  • Careful Protection

  • Display Your Collection Whether At Home Or On The Go.

  • Free Sipping WorldWide


1,000 five-star reviews in 3 weeks

Our Happy Customers

I Really Really Love It!

''I have 5-6 pairs of prescription glasses, and the cases are always falling off my nightstand — or worse, the glasses end up in a pile and get scratched. This is a handy, attractive solution that keeps all my glasses organized and safe. Yay!''

Sarah Steele

Absolutely Brilliant!

''I love this so much. I have over 70 pairs of glasses and traveling required me to take so many cases. This is absolutely awesome. I’ve told so many of my friends about it!''

Alicia Robertson

wonderful product!

''I was tired of having so many glasses cases in my linen closet, so I bought this to maximize storage and space. I have a large glasses collection and this helps me keep everything neatly organized and together. Many of my glasses have larger frames, and this fits them just fine.''

Cerys Green


Can't Find Question? Email Us

Does this hold Oversized Sunglasses?

Yes, will hold oversized sunglasses, will easily fit oversized glasses upto 2.8inches high. Just make sure you store oversized pairs facing the back wall of the case, when in the compartment - for the best fit and protection of your glasses.

Does it deform?

no, it is very sturdy and easily rolls up and looks chic.

Whether the eyeglass storage organizer of PU leather material is easy to peeling?

no, sunglasses organizer case made of PU leather is very soft, not peel.

What can I put in sunglasses organizer?

you can put for sunglasses, earring, necklace, ring and watch ect.

Is it leather material?

yes, outside is PU leather and velvet inside. protect your glasses very well.



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