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Fountain Bottle Champagne/Beer Sprayer Gun for Party

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Why should you buy this product? 

  • A new drinking game that will be fun for everyone.
  • A wine stopper that will turn heads!
  • Our Champagne Sprayer is the perfect way to spice up birthdays, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and pool parties.
  • Works great with beer or champagne!
  • Christmas and New Year are coming up so don't miss out on being the life of the party!
  • [Adjustable Function] 

Champagne sprayer adjustable wine stopper Champagne gun shooter compatible with any 350-750mL champagne bottle, the bubble ejector connects to the bottle and turns it into a spray gun.
  • 【2-in-1 Multi-Function】

Champagne wine dispenser can be used not only as a champagne jet but also as a cork to keep the wine fresh for a longer time. The stopper is made of food-grade silicone that won't change the flavor of your wine or beverage. If you need to clean the stopper, just rinse with water and wipe it clean.

  • [Easy to Control]

It is efficient and easy to control, easy to use, as long as the point and spray, without shaking, can spray, the longest range can be close to 30 feet. It can be easily put into your pocket, taken out and placed on a wine bottle or champagne bottle at the party, unexpectedly attacking your friends and creating a happy atmosphere.

  • [High Quality Alloy] 

The champagne sprayer is made of high-quality alloy, high-quality materials will last longer. Sturdy and durable, and you can use it with confidence. The main part of the champagne sprayer is made of ABS plastic, and the bottle mouth sealing system is made of food-grade safe ABS rubber.

  • [Perfect Gift] 

The Champagne sprayer is perfect as a gift for wine lovers. Suitable for giving gifts at weddings, Christmas, parties, birthdays, and father's day.

How to use it?

  • Adjust the caliber to place different types of wine bottles.
  • Caliber adjustment is small, press down the rubber plug while screwing the nut to the right.
  • The caliber adjustment is large, press the rubber plug down, and at the same time screw the nut to the lift.


  • Material: plastic, alloy.
  • Color: black, red, gold.
  • Size: 16*15*3CM.

Package included:

1x champagne sprayer

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